Man’s Lifesaving Actions Recognized by CCPD Officers

A citizen’s quick, decisive actions when faced with another citizen in dire medical need was recognized by the Cape Coral Police Department for his heroic deed.

On July 4th, 2019, Jay Halbrehder had an unknown male walk up into his parent’s driveway. The male was bleeding profusely out of his right arm and ended up collapsing on to the driveway after becoming unconscious. Jay quickly grabbed some towels to stop the bleeding, but realized it was not helping; he then took off his belt and used the belt as a makeshift tourniquet to reduce the bleeding until help arrived.

Officer Patrick Dowdle spoke with the medics that responded, and they advised him that if Jay didn’t jump into action as quickly as he did and create the makeshift tourniquet that the male would have likely succumbed to his injuries. Officer Dowdle recommended Jay Halbrehder be issued the Citizen Commendable Action Coin for rendering potential lifesaving aid to a fellow citizen, and presented him with the award on July 5th.

Man's Lifesaving Actions Recognized by CCPD Officers

Chief David Newlan introduced the ‘Citizen Commendable Action Coin’ wanting to recognize citizens that go above and beyond. The recipient is presented with the coin along with a card explaining the following:

Thank You For Your Commendable Action. On behalf of the Cape Coral Police Department, please accept this Challenge Coin in appreciation of your positive actions that make this community GREAT!

The Citizen Commendable Action Challenge Coin is given by an Officer of the Cape Coral Police Department to a civilian that performs an extraordinary act(s) or in the recognition of exemplary behavior.”

 The Cape Coral Police Department applauds Mr. Halbrehder for his heroic actions!

Man's Lifesaving Actions Recognized by CCPD Officers

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