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Fertilizer Restrictions Begin June 1

The City’s fertilizer ordinance regulates the application of fertilizer. Beginning June 1, the use of fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus is prohibited. This regulation was enacted to keep harmful nutrients found in fertilizer from washing off from lawns into storm drains during the rainy months....

Intro to hydroponics or gardening without soil

Welcome back to my happy place! My name is Shelbie & I run a small mobile gardening business locally called "Goddess Grow Ops." My team and I are here to help you grow and set up the garden you might think is only in your dreams! Who knows? Maybe...

Get Growing

Welcome to your new happy place. My name is Shelbie & I own a Mobile Gardening business in Cape Coral. We specialize in weeding, trimming, organic vegetable gardening and, well, green gardens. I urge everyone to give it a try and "Get Growing"...

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