Do more with the space you have

Do more with the space you have

When it comes to making small spaces feel more substantial, designers have all the tips and tricks to establish a greater sense of openness. Knowing these five industry secrets can go a long way in making your home look, feel and function like it has more space. 

1. Stay organized. Install built-in cabinets in areas like half-baths that can’t accommodate traditional storage. Mount hooks under cabinets to give smaller items a designated spot.

2. Downsize and improvise. Trade clunky furniture for creative alternatives without hard edges. Replace a traditional bedroom dresser with a garment rack or switch to floating desks and tables. Swap out a full-size recliner in common areas for a smaller chair with a storage ottoman. 

3. Create the illusion. Installing the right lighting can give the illusion of abundant space. Placing a mirror across from a window reflects natural light and expands the room’s appearance. You can also trick the eye into thinking you’re in a larger space by laying the flooring at a diagonal or incorporating oversized statement pieces like floor lamps, plants, and wall art. 

4. Think multifunctional. Design your rooms to serve multiple purposes. Turn the living area into a guest room with a sleeper sofa, or tuck a desk into a corner to create an office nook. If you have multiple stories or a loft area, consider staircase storage options. Use rugs to break up the room and define the different areas. 

5. Consider your color scheme. Monochromatic palettes and light colors can make even the smallest room feel more expansive. Use varying shades of white, gray or neutral colors for wall paint and furniture. Clear accessories also give an open feel while keeping you organized.


Whether you have a small floor plan or a room with a non-traditional layout, you can take advantage of every square foot available by employing these design strategies. 

Empty Spaces?

Empty Spaces?

An empty space can be a space for you to make more usable in many ways.

Maybe it’s a reach in or walk in closet you need to utilize for hanging and drawers because your bedroom is too small for a dresser.

Or a pantry you would like to put more in because your wire shelves aren’t enough. We can help by adding pull out baskets for chips, or pull out drawers to hide party supplies, holiday Tupperware or everyday spices.

Maximize that space!

Have you thought about organizing your garage? An Omni track is a grid that fits perfectly on any garage wall for bikes, gardening supplies or even sports equipment, making plenty of space in your garage for your car that has never before fit.

Do you work from home or have kids that need a spot to do homework? What about putting a desk with drawers in a room for supplies? Or a nice bench in that small space to sit and put shoes on with a shelf for miscellanies stuff?

There are all sorts of ways to utilize empty spaces in your home. Let MCS Custom Closets and More come out and show you how we can help with yours!

FREE Community Home Show on April 1st

FREE Community Home Show on April 1st

Looking to make some home improvements?  Need some work done around the house and don’t want to do it yourself?  

Come out and join us on Saturday, April 1st, from 10 am – 2 pm for a FREE community home show.  We have a wide variety of businesses who will be there to help you with information and answer any questions you may have.  

The Home Show is being held in the Sandoval Community Center in Cape Coral.  This event is open to the public and the community gates will be open during the event.  


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