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Cape Coral issues a temporary burn ban

In accordance with the City’s Code of Ordinance, Chapter 8-14: Burn ban implementation procedures, effective immediately, the City of Cape Coral issued a temporary burn ban with the intent to limit fire hazards within the City to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our residents.

This measure prohibits recreational burns (i.e. fire pits, campfires) and City permitted burns (i.e. bonfires and land clearing control burns). This also includes burning vegetative debris. Fires solely for cooking purposes where the fire, flames, and heat generated are fully contained within the confines of the device being used (i.e. grill) are still allowed.

The burn ban shall be in effect until the local drought index is below 600 for seven consecutive days.

In addition to following the burn ban restrictions, the Cape Coral Fire Department requests the community be vigilant in not disposing of lit smoking materials outdoors, including from a car window. The Department also requests vehicles, including ATVs, only be operated on paved, gravel, or dirt surfaces and not on grass or other vegetation.

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