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Cape Coral Seeks Public Input on Economic & Business Development

The City of Cape Coral has launched a public survey that aims to drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life in Cape Coral.

The City is conducting the Cape Coral Economic Development Public Survey as part of an effort to establish an Economic Development Strategic Plan. Running until October 13 at 5 p.m., the survey collects public input so the City may identify the strengths of Cape Coral and determine how to leverage these advantages to foster economic growth while addressing the pressing needs of our community. 

Key Objectives of the Public Survey:

  • Promote Public Engagement: The City encourages every resident to participate, as their input is invaluable in shaping the future of Cape Coral.
  • Resident Occupancy: Identify the most common length of resident occupancy, helping us understand the dynamics of our community.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Determine the most pressing needs for infrastructure investment to enhance the livability of Cape Coral.
  • Government Role: Gauge public support for the role of government in driving economic development and community improvement.
  • Job Market: Obtain information on the current status of the job market in Cape Coral.
  • Educational System: Identify gaps in the educational system and how we can improve opportunities for our youth.
  • Commercial Development: Evaluate public opinion on enhanced commercial development, particularly in South Cape.
  • Building a Great City: Discover what is missing in Cape Coral to make it an even greater city for all residents.

The City of Cape Coral is committed to making data-driven decisions, and resident participation in this survey will help ensure that Cape Coral’s future development aligns with the desires and needs of the community.

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