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The temporary burn ban issued by the City of Cape Coral on March 10, 2023 has been rescinded. Residents are urged to continue to use caution with recreation and cooking fires. Recreational fires must comply with the stipulations of the City’s Code of Ordinance for...

City of Cape Coral RESCINDS Burn Ban

Effective today, Cape Coral rescinds the temporary burn ban issued on October 6 Effective today, November 23, the City of Cape Coral is rescinding the temporary burn ban that was issued on October 6 with the intent to limit fire hazards within the City due...

Cape Coral Rescinds Temporary Burn Ban

The City of Cape Coral has rescinded the temporary burn ban issued on May 3.  Recent rain has decreased the Keetch-Byram Drought Index from “extreme” levels to “moderate” levels.  The City reminds all citizens to continue to use extreme caution with recreational and cooking fires. ...

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