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You're on the road, stuck in a hotel without a weight room. Sure, there might be a treadmill for cardio, but nothing to get a really good workout. What's a fitness person to do? You can search for a gym nearby and pay for a day pass, you can skip the days (oh no!) or you can do a...


The Psychology of Wealth Management You've likely heard about the dangers of mixing emotions and investing. Experts will tell you that you need to be clinical and contrarian when evaluating opportunities and making decisions. The same instincts that often serve people well in fight-or-flight situations can and often enable poor investment choices. Excitement over recent performance might entice one to...

Try the Alluring Albariño Wines from the Iberian Peninsula

A number of indigenous white grapes call the northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula home. But there is one variety that has been making quite a name for itself outside its native land recently. This rising star in the winegrowing community is Albariño.  This is a light crisp refreshing wine perfect for the warm afternoon temperatures of the upcoming...

Take the 5210 Pledge

Healthy Lee 5210 Pledge News: June  Thanks for participating in Healthy Lee's 5210 Pledge! June has arrived, and this month, the 5210 Pledge focuses on limiting recreational screen time to two hours or less per day. There are many healthy alternatives to sitting in front of a TV, laptop, phone or any other electronic device.  We’ve included some great tips below to help you continue your overall goal to...

David Christopher, teacher, author and father

Cape Coral resident David Christopher is a talented award-winning teacher, author and father. As a history teacher at Ida Baker High School, he presents American History in a unique storytelling manner in an effort to make the subject interesting. “For too many people, history is a boring subject with all the facts and figures. I personalize it by describing...

Hometown Hero Robert Zivkovic, USMC

Robert Zivkovic was born in Baden, Austria, but moved to the US as a baby and grew up in Union City and then Wood-Ridge,  NJ.  He moved to Florida in 2001 and to Cape Coral in 2003.  Rob met his wife, Dr. Krista Zivkovic, in the 6th grade and started dating in high school. They got married in 1999...

Meet New Cape Coral Graduate Emilee Cato

Emilee Cato is 18 years old and now a high school graduate. Emilee was born in Gainesville, FL, but has grown up in Cape Coral, moving here with her family when she was 7 years old. Emilee attended Cape Elementary, then Trafalgar Middle, before spending her high school career at Canterbury. She is the oldest of three children; her 16-year-old...

A Forest of Mangroves

Tucked away in eastern Cape Coral is a nature lovers gem.  Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve is a saltwater wetland containing 365 acres of red, white and black mangroves and marshlands.  It is a rare opportunity to discover Florida's unique landscape and wildlife in the heart of this growing city. Located near the Midpoint Memorial bridge, the ecological preserve displays...

What’s brewing in the Cape

Craft beer, which is kind of the opposite of Bud and Miller, has enjoyed great growth in the U.S. over the past couple of decades. Between 2011 and 2016, the amount of craft beer consumed in this country roughly doubled, and now represents about 12 percent of total volume (but, owing to its higher prices, more than 20 percent...

New Belgium Brewing

Okay, so I heard a lot about this Fat Tire. Well…I heard quite a bit about it. Alright, alright, 2 people told me about it. I was lucky enough that a beer buddy at my day job did a beer swap with me; thanks, Jeff. My other friend, who shall remain nameless, didn’t even offer to send me one; thanks...

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