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Cape’s Cutest Pets — Pearl

Submitted by Jen Buffington In September 2015, I was included in a raid of a puppy mill. We rescued 47 dogs that day. One of...

Cape’s Cutest Pets — Skylar

Submitted by Louise Hebert Meet Skylar, a 4-year-old Maltipoo. At 10 pounds, she thinks that she is much bigger than she really is. She bosses...

Cape’s Cutest Pets — Chevi

Chevi was about one hour from being euthanized in a Miami Dade "kill" shelter when Wolfhounds Legacy Corp, a local 501c3, saved him. They...

Cape’s Cutest Pets — Hooper

Submitted by Jim and Robin Griffiths Hooper was in need of a new home. He’s a four-year-old 110 pound Black/Tan Doberman that lived in the...

Cape’s Cutest Pets — (Now)10 month old German Shepherd Valor

We met Valor in January after our dog died. Friends run a local organization called Wolfhounds Legacy here in Cape Coral. They rescue dogs...

Can you help find a home for these 2 beauties?

Two white Labrador Retriever brothers are looking for their new forever home. At 7 years old, Snowy and Ehrlacher were surrendered about six months ago...

Cape Coral Recalled

“What? You want me to move my family to someplace in Florida to open a grocery store in a place that has a population...

David Christopher, teacher, author and father

Cape Coral resident David Christopher is a talented award-winning teacher, author and father. As a history teacher at Ida Baker High School, he presents...

What’s brewing in the Cape

Craft beer, which is kind of the opposite of Bud and Miller, has enjoyed great growth in the U.S. over the past couple of...

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