Quick Reads

Quick Reads

Open Book – Jessica SimpsonA very interesting telling of her life. A lot of occasions that show her insecurity & “bad” side, including family issues, sexual behavior, and alcohol abuse. It also includes many “famous” names you will recognize. *****

Countdown 1945 – Chris Wallace/Mitch WeissDetails of the events & people leading up to the development of the atomic bomb. Also the events happening in politics with Truman, Stalin, & Churchill/Atlee. Vivid descriptions of the aftereffects of the 2 bombs. The Epilog follows the life/career of all the people involved in developing & delivering the 2 bombs. ***

Hollywood Park – Mikel JolettBorn in a commune (Synanon) he was taken from his parents at 6 months old. Synanon turned into a cult & he escaped at 4 years old. His family was a mess, with almost all of the male relatives spending some time in jail. He was on that same track until high school when he changed & got a scholarship to Stanford. Several years after graduation, learned to play music & sing. He is now the front man for the indie band “The Airborne Toxic Event.” Well written book, very depressing until the end. **

Killing Crazy Horse – Bill O’Reilly/Martin DugardAn excellent history of the American Indian wars. Many vivid descriptions of the battles, living conditions, of several different tribes. These “killing” books are well written & full of information you probably haven’t heard of before. ****

Songteller – Dolly Parton/Robert K. ObermannA “must have” for Dolly Parton fans. 175 lyrics of her songs + a story with each one about when & why she wrote it. This is a large 9X12 coffee table-style book with heavy paper pages, too heavy to hold & read. I sat at my desk to read it. *****

In Deep – David Rohde.  Author is an anti-Trump guy. While insisting there isn’t a deep state, he gives many examples of government employees in the FBI, CIA, & State departments doing things to discredit Trump. **

Follow The Money – Dan BonginoHe reviews all of the nefarious deeds in the state department, including the FBI, congress, Comey, Brennen, Schiff, McCabe, Strzok, Clapper, Somma, Yates & others. The Christopher Steele dossier, John McCain, The Covid virus, Hunter Biden, & several corrupt activities involving large amounts of money are reviewed, as well. *****

Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey/Angela DavisThis is her autobiography with a lot of “poor me” episodes. It has a lot of interesting stories about show business & her sad life as a child. Also, interesting stories involving many big names in show business & the music industry. ****

The Answer is – Alex Trebek. A very good autobiography & an easy read. Short chapters with human interest stories. *****

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Quick Reads

Quick Reads

Quick Reads

Blaze of Light – Marcus Brotherton. This is the story of Gary Beikirch, a green beret Medic awarded the medal of honor. The 1st 20% is about action in Viet Nam. The last 80% is about his traumatic recovery from his extensive injuries & fighting PTSD for years while trying to adjust to civilian life. Then his religious conversion to a successful life after that. **

Plague of Corruption – Dr. Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively JD. Medical scientists write about the dangers of using animal products in vaccines. This is deep science with medical terminology that will put you to sleep. However, it is a very interesting read into the scientific community & $$$ causing corruption. ****

Home Work – Julie Andrews, with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton. A pretty good memoir of her life in show business. Interesting stories about “mixed families” as both she & her husband were divorced with previous children & both of their parents were divorced. Because of their careers, they had 4 different residences at the same time in 3 different countries. They also adopted 2 Vietnamese children.  ***

Who is Alex Trebeck – Lisa Rogak. A good biography about Alex Trebeck & the history of Jeopardy. ****

Laughter Yoga – Madan Kataria M.D.  A doctor from India, retired but still active in Yoga Laughter. He has researched the effects of laughter & started Yoga laughter meetings throughout the world . This book gives many details of of practicing it with pictures. He makes many claims about the positive effects of practicing laughter. **** 

Calling Bullshit – Carl T. Bergstrom & Jevin West. They take on this data driven world & show many different ways data is manipulated in % (of what?) graphs (based on what?), false medical reports, etc.***

House in The Mountains – Caroline Moorehead. The story of women in the Italian resistance from 1943 to the end of WW2. This is detailed Italian history of the gruesome battles during the last 3 years of WW2 in Italy & the personal stories of those in the resistance. ****

The First Time – Colton Underwood. A memoir of his experiences on reality TV shows “The Bachelor”“Bachelor in Paradise”& The Bachelorette.”  He also covers his life as a child, his family, his brief stint as a pro football player. Women will love this book. ** 

My Wife Said You May Want To Marry Me – Jason B. Rosenthal. Author’s wife, Amy, wrote an essay published in The New York Times with this header as she was dying from ovarian cancer. This book is a memoir about before, during & after death. Can be a “tear jerker” at times. **

Cheaters Always Win – J.M. Fenster. Many examples of cheating in games, politics, business, finance, marriages, and many others. **

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Quick Reads

Quick Reads

Quick Reads

The House of Kennedy – James Patterson. A good history of the Kennedy’s through 2019. He touches on the bad things in their history along with the positive things. There are a lot of details that you will not have heard or read about before. ****

Revolution – K.T. McFarland. Author held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford, & Reagan administrations before serving in the Trump administration. She writes about what happens inside the political  world in her specialty of foreign affairs. Interesting stories about names you will know – Kissinger, along with many others. ****

Shatner – Michael Seth Starr. Biography of William Shatner. Star Trek was his most famous show, but he did many other things, TV, Movies, and Stage. **

You Are Worth It – Kyle Carpenter. Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor for throwing himself on top of a grenade in Afghanistan. Most of this book is about the extensive time & treatment he spent recovering from his wounds. ***

Hunting The Unabomber – Lis Wiehl/Lisa Pulitzer. An in-depth look at how the FBI, postal service, and ATF investigated this case for 17 years. You will be amazed at the details of this operation from coast to coast and the many people and $$$ involved. ****

The American Story – David M. Rubenstien. A great synopsis of American History. He interviews authors who have written biographies of 12 presidents, Founding fathers & mothers, Charles Lindberg, Martin Luther King Jr., and chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. *****

Creative Care – Anne Basting.  A revolutionary approach to elder care, especially dementia & Alzheimer’s. She gives many case histories of new methods of treating elders in different settings, including nursing homes & private homes.

Lou Gehrig-The Lost Memoir – Alan G. Gaff.  The first part is columns that Gehrig wrote for an Oakland newspaper, almost entirely about baseball. The 2nd part is a biography written by Gaff. Strictly for baseball history fans. **

American Crusade – Pete Hegseth. A conservative’s view of what is wrong with all of the “isms” and how to combat and change them. A bible for hard right conservatives. *

The Splendid & the Vile – Erik Larson. An excellent written history of Winston Churchill in 1940 & 1941. These were intense war years with Germany attacking England. Many stories about inside the politics & military actions. Also, many human interest stories about personalities, and the various sex affairs which make good reading. *****

Blitz – David Horowitz. Strong Trump advocate tears apart most of the anti Trump accusations. He reviews many accusations & then discredits them with actual facts & situations. **  

Wisdom In Action – Mary Oviatt. This book is written by my cousin, Rita Ulbrich Oviatt, about her aunt. Both were raised about 2 miles from the farm I was raised on in Iowa with very similar conditions. Marie Ulbirch always wanted to serve the “poorest of the poor.”  Marie Ulbrich was one of 4 Sisters (nuns) that started the medical Mission Sisters. They now have missions all over the world. ***

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Quick Reads

Quick Reads

KD -Marcus Thompson. About Kevin Durant’s basketball development & career. Probably only a good read for basketball fans as it is mostly about the actions in basketball games & the results. Very little about his personal life outside of basketball. *

What’s in Your Blood & Why You Should Care – Earl Mindell & Gene Bruno. This book is a detailed study of how blood functions in your body. The effects of of your diet, exercise, environment, DNA, supplements. Good reference book for doctors.

Successful Aging – Daniel Levitin. This 400 page small print book written by a neuroscientist is a challenge to read. Lots of medical terms covering nerves & brain function. Covers pain, perception, memory, exercise, diet, personality, sleep, emotions, social factors & motivation. ***

Boys & Sex – Peggy Orenstein. About what you would expect. Probably spent 100’s of thousands of $$$ to tell us about every kind of sexual deviation there is. Bottom line, boy’s want to get laid. *

The Body – Bill Bryson. Very interesting book about everything about our body. All the organs, diseases, nerves, muscles, genes, etc., & all explained in layman’s (common) language. *****

Talking to Strangers – Malcolm Gladwell. This one is about our ability to determine when someone is lying. This is true with CIA talking to spies, police & judges & criminals, con men with finance/swindles, etc. ****

Brother & Sister – Diane Keaton. This book is all about her mentally challenged brother. Mildly interesting, but definitely not a page turner. **

My Life in Four Quarters – Joe Namath w/Sean Mortimer & Don Yaeger. This is a story built around Joe watching a tape of Super Bowl III & describing all of the action & his feelings at the time. A little bit about his personal life, too. ** 

Quick Reads
Quick Reads

Quick Reads

Quick Reads

1.   An Edible History of Humanity – Tom Standage. An interesting bit of history of food from hunter/gatherers to present. Many of the military battles throughout history have been decided by the available food for the soldiers. Also how the disastrous government policies have caused millions of people to starve to death & have other barbaric effects on people’s behaviors. ***

2.    Blindsided – James L. Ferraro with Laura Morton.  The story of the trial lawyer’s (author) court case against DuPont for a boy that was born without eyes caused by a chemical in a fungicide they produced. It took several years to get to trial & by the time appeals were settled the boy’s family collected the money after 10 years. Lot’s of trial & law details. ***

3.    Sudden Sea – R.A. Scott. A very descriptive story of the great hurricane of 1938 which hit Long Island NY., Connecticut, Massachusetts,  & really demolished Rhode Island. Many personal stories of individuals & the damage done to homes, roads, electrical & telephone service, etc. ***

4.    The Light Within Me – Ainsley Earhardt. Her memoir is an interesting read with a large emphasis on her religious beliefs & the influence it has in her daily life. She covers her childhood, college years, marriage, becoming a mother and then her career in radio & TV. Lots of Fox news stories. ****

5.    Pinheads & Patriots – Bill O’reilly.  Printedin 2010 but somehow I missed it. He rates different people in politics, past presidents, movie stars, & entertainers as pinheads or patriots. ***

6.   Simple Government – Mike Huckabee. His views of government policies & what he thinks should be changed. A conservative’s opinions of applying common sense & fiscal constraints on congress. ***

7.   Do The Right Thing – Mike Huckabee. He wrote this one when he was running for president in 2007. It contains many details of his  philosophy on government, and the many tales about events throughout the country. Probably the most important one is the “fair tax” proposal which would put the IRS out of business. ****

8.   It Is About Islam – Glenn Beck. A history of Islam from it’s beginning. Much of it is very negative about the basics of the religious teachings & the enforcement of Sharia Law, women’s rights and the general lack of any rights dictated by their religion. **

9.   Billionaires at The Barricades – Laura Ingraham. A look at the political revolution from Reagan to Trump. She has inside experience Washington politics & very conservative political views. Lots of stories about the old guard working against both Reagan & Trump. ***

10. Profiles In Corruption – Peter Schweizer.  This is about politicians Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, & Eric Garcetti. It goes into details of their abuse of power raising money for their political efforts, friends & family. Often bordering on illegal & almost always unethical. **** 

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