7 Very Good Reasons To Work Out That Don’t Involve Weight Loss

There’s more to exercise than torching calories. Scientists have long made the connection between a healthy body and sharp mind. And a 2013 study led...

FITNESS THE FUN WAY: What kind of exercise is best for you?

Can't stick to a fitness regime? Want to get fit but find it difficult to stay motivated? Ill give you the secret to making exercise...

Ways to Burn More Fat With Cardio

Walk into any gym and you'll find two distinct groups of gym-goers: cardio bunnies and strength junkies. Generally, if you ask those cardio hoppers what...

Why Your Workouts Aren’t Working

Too Many Exercises The quest for the perfect physique leaves many guys packing their workout with a plethora of exercises designed to hit their muscles...


Fitness improves more than your physique. There's a reason that when you read about habits of successful people, fitness- and health-related rituals are almost always...

The truth about gaining muscle and losing weight

First of all, there are a lot of articles all over the internet and various magazines telling you that you can gain muscle and...

Set Point Process

I’ve worked with clients who have lost 100 to 200 pounds. And most of the time, it happens over the course of three to...

10 Fitness Myths

Myth 1: Drinking water can help you lose weight Fact: Many sources tout drinking copious amounts of water to be the all-curing panacea of the...

How sore should I be after a workout?

We’ve all heard the adage “no pain, no gain,” but how much truth is there to that mantra? It depends. Pain during or immediately...

A week at the gym…..one man’s story For anyone thinking of getting back...

ONE MAN'S STORY... This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine. Dear Diary: For my fortieth birthday this year, my wife...

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