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City Reminds Cape Residents to Conserve Water

The City of Cape Coral urges its residents to conserve water as the dry season continues.

Current rainfall is 1.75 inches behind the seasonal average and water levels in drinking water aquifers are lower than levels present this time last year. These conditions are impacted by the influx of new residents, recovery workers, and seasonal residents.

Though groundwater conditions typically improve with the onset of the wet season in June, reducing usage now is vital to protecting Cape Coral’s water resources.

Lawn irrigation can account for 50 percent of household use, but it’s important to remember lawns need less weekly watering during the dry season.

Cape Coral residents can do their part to reduce water consumption by optimizing their irrigation system for high efficiency and following the City’s year-round watering schedule.

For more information on how to conserve water, see The South Florida Water Management District’s 50 Ways to be Water Smart.

To help combat the issue, the City is currently constructing the Caloosahatchee Connect Project, a reclaimed water pipeline between Cape Coral and Fort Myers that will help to rehydrate Cape Coral’s freshwater canals and provide additional irrigation water to residents.

This project, slated for completion this year, will allow Cape Coral to purchase millions of gallons of reclaimed water that would otherwise be discharged in the Caloosahatchee River.


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