Event to provide insights on teaching, paraprofessional positions within the District

The School District of Lee County is hosting a Virtual Connection Event from 2 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12 that will provide insights on teaching and non-instructional positions within the District.

The informational event will provide candidates an opportunity to meet virtually with District representatives, learn about the variety of career paths available and walk through the process of becoming certified to teach in Florida. Select candidates may also be offered an interview for potential employment. To register by July 11, click here.

Positions are available across the District with a focus on high-demand positions like English, elementary education, science, math and special education, as well as for non-instructional positions including paraprofessionals, bookkeepers, school counselors and other support staff.

Florida is one of 48 states that offer alternative routes to becoming a certified teacher. Individuals who already earned a bachelor’s degree in any field can become eligible for Florida teacher certification by passing a subject area exam in their area of expertise, completing additional coursework or enrolling in a teacher preparation program.

With a growing enrollment of more than 95,000 students and 120 schools, the District’s efforts to put “The Right Talent in the Right Place” means that new teachers will receive the support and necessary resources that will enable them to succeed upon entering the field of education. The District offers a competitive and comprehensive compensation plan for its employees, and additional benefits and earning opportunities are also available via advanced degree supplement, summer school, athletic coaching and more. Upon hire, a personal benefits selection process will be made available to eligible employees.

To learn more about available career opportunities, visit www.LeeSchools.net/Careers.

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