On April 29th, 2022, Cape Coral Police Department’s Vice Investigations and Narcotics Unit (VIN) served a search warrant at 1316 Diplomat Parkway West. After a lengthy and complex investigation Detectives located an extensive illegal marijuana grow operation in eight of the rooms inside of the residence.

In total, 86 plants with root systems and 216 clones that had yet to develop roots were located. Currently, the weight of the marijuana plants was 283.6 lbs.

The suspect identified as Walter Pereida Flores (W/M 05-11-1981) claimed ownership of the operation to include all the plants, equipment, and construction of the electrical wiring and piping used.

Mr. Pereida Flores was charged with the following:

  • Marijuana-Trafficking or Manufacturing in Excess of 25lbs or 300 Plants F.S.S. 893.135(1)(a).
  • Own/ Rent Structure for Trafficking or Manufacturing a Controlled Substance F.S.S. 893.135(1)(a).

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