Please join us in congratulating our December 2021 “Do The Right Thing” recipients. These students exemplified what it means to “Do The Right Thing.”

Giana Geary and Madison Stratman, Gulf Elementary School – 5th Grade

Giana and Madison found $50 cash on the floor in the cafeteria. They demonstrated tremendous integrity and responsibility by turning the cash into an adult.  

Gavin Gardner, Oasis Middle School – 6th Grade

Gavin remained calm during an emergency situation in the school’s parent pick-up line.  He kept his little brother entertained so that he would not be scared.  He showed maturity far beyond his age.

Monica & Louis Galindo Caloosa Middle School – 8th/6th Grade

Monica and her brother Louis found a smart-watch on campus after school. They contacted the owner through the smart-watch and made arrangements to turn it into the school front office. The owner of smart-watch was very impressed with their honesty.

CCPD and School staff accepted the awards on the Galindo boys’ behalf.

Robert & Richard Waddell Jr Mariner Middle School – 6th/8th Grade

Both Robert and his brother, Richard, were very kind and supportive of another student even when the other student was not kind to Robert. The boys were willing to forgive and give meaningful advice to the student who was not being kind. Both Richard and Robert understood the importance of working out a situation with words, kindness and understanding rather than physical aggression.

Congratulations to all the kids and their parents for their choice to Do The Right Thing!

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