The Cape Coral Animal Shelter has announced that it will be handing out Christmas presents to its resident cats and dogs on Christmas Day, starting at 1:00 p.m.

Since we opened in 2020, the Cape Coral Animal Shelter has found homes for almost 2,000 unwanted, abandoned, and neglected animals.  Although we hope every animal finds a loving home quickly, ultimately there will be cats and dog in the shelter on Christmas Day. 

To make the day special for those residents, staff and volunteers will hand out presents to each dog and cat in the shelter, give them special treats, and shower them with the same love they will soon be getting in their forever home.

Santa and his helper will be “arriving in style” this year on our donated and newly refurbished golf cart.

“I am adopted—born in December and adopted in January by a wonderful family.  I spent my first Christmas in an orphanage.  When I became involved with animal rescue, it reminded me of my first Christmas, so making Christmas Day special for these abandoned animals has become very personal and very important to me” said Liz McCauley, Executive Director of the Cape Coral Animal Shelter.

“Volunteers and staff grow very fond of the animals while they are in our care and it gives us great joy to see them enjoying treats and toys on Christmas Day.  Even on a holiday, it’s important to us that they fell like they are already part of a family.” 

Later this week, Sadie from the “Logan and Sadie Morning Show” on 96.9 WINK will be delivering donated toys and treats from their listeners.  These gifts, along with other donations will be part of the Christmas Day celebration for our residents. 

Although we have enough treats and toys currently, CCAS is always accepting donations from our very caring and supportive community. You can check out our current Wish List of items as well as our Chewy and Amazon Wish Lists at

For more information, please see our website at

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