The Cape Coral Police Department has been awarded CALEA Accreditation in Law Enforcement and in Communications effective November 19, 2021.

These awards remain in effect for four years and the agency retains all privileges associated with this status during that period. CALEA Accreditation serves as the International Gold Standard for Public Safety Agencies.

The process of CALEA Accreditation begins with a rigorous self-assessment, requiring a review of policies, practices, and processes against internationally accepted public safety standards. This is followed with an assessment by independent assessors with significant public safety experience.

Additionally, public feedback is received to promote community trust and engagement, and structured interviews are conducted with select agency personnel and others with knowledge to assess the agency’s effectiveness and overall service delivery capacities.

The decision to accredit is rendered by a governing body of twenty-one Commissioners following a public hearing and review of all reporting documentation.

CALEA Accreditation is a continuous process and serves as the foundation for a successful, well managed, transparent, community-focused public safety agency. To this end, an agency must maintain its accredited status by remaining in compliance with CALEA standards at all times.

The Cape Coral Police Department is continually demonstrating a commitment to professional excellence through accreditation. The CALEA Accreditation indices are the Marks of Professional Excellence and will be displayed proudly by the Cape Coral Police Department.

We would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Detective Jennifer Silko and Detective Morgan Mills. We appreciate their tremendous knowledge and consistency in preparing our department for this enormous task.

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