Jeremiah Kuslock has been running restaurants in Southwest Florida for 10 years now, first in Cape Coral, then in Naples and now back in the Cape again. 

Kuslock never had a concept that fit exactly what he wanted. Until now. Kuslock partnered with Tom Goins, an investor from Indiana, in buying the 7,594-square-foot Woody’s Local Neighborhood Rum & Grille at 2408 Surfside Blvd.

Goins paid $1.9 million for the property, buying it from Eric Zeisloft. The deal closed Oct. 1. Goins owns the property, and Kuslock will own and operate the restaurant, Torched. 

“We’re going to bring that fire element to it,” Kuslock says. 

Kuslock owns two other Cape Coral restaurants. He has the Omelet Shop at 4703 SW 16th Place, just north of the Chiquita Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway intersection. 

Just adjacent and at the same address, Kuslock also owns the Big 10 Tavern, a sports bar for the past four years. 

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