Two vehicles racing on NE Pine Island Road caused a single-vehicle crash this weekend that resulted in the driver losing his arm. Major Crash Investigators responded to the scene to conduct the investigation. 

Racing Results in Serious Injury
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The synopsis of the crash:

DATE: September 11, 2021 at approximately 7:20 pm at 1100 NE Pine Island Road.

VEHICLE 1: 2016 blue Ford Mustang, Florida tag, driven by Ariel Gonzalez Rodon, H/M, 5-6-75, of Cape Coral. Rodon suffered life-threatening injuries, including one arm amputation.

PASSENGER: Rafael Perez Martinez, H/M, 9-16-88, of Cape Coral. Martinez suffered minor injuries in the traffic crash.

VEHICLE 2: Unknown year dark-colored Ford Mustang.

According to witnesses, Vehicle 1 was in the right lane of Pine Island Road, facing West, at the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard. Vehicle 2 was in the left lane directly next to Vehicle 1. Both vehicles were traveling West on NE Pine Island Road racing each other. Witnesses report that both vehicles were going in excess of 100 mph.

Racing Results in Serious Injury

At the intersection of NE 10th Place, a vehicle traveled South across the intersection and Vehicle 1 swerved left to avoid it. While doing so at the high rate of speed, Vehicle 1 lost control, veered back right, and traveled off the North edge of the roadway. Vehicle 1 traveled 170 feet through the ditch and then exited out the other side where it became airborne. Vehicle 1 traveled 37 feet airborne and then began to roll violently for 185 feet before coming to rest on all four wheels.

Racing Results in Serious Injury

A witness and an off-duty CCPD officer applied a tourniquet to one arm of the driver of Vehicle 1. Both occupants were trauma alerted by ambulance to Lee Memorial Hospital due to injuries.

At Lee Memorial Hospital, the driver of Vehicle 1 was rushed into emergency surgery where one arm was amputated. The driver of Vehicle 1 is listed in critical but stable condition. The driver of Vehicle 2 suffered minor injuries in the traffic crash.

It is unknown if alcohol/drugs are involved in this traffic crash. The next of kin has been notified.

This case is pending further investigation and potential criminal charges.

Racing Results in Serious Injury

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