Speeding Ends in Tragedy

A single-vehicle major crash at the 3300 block of Del Prado Boulevard North resulted in the death of the driver. Major Crash Investigators responded to the scene to conduct the investigation.

The accident occurred on Friday, August 20, 2021, at 10:40 pm, and involved a Black 2007 Dodge Magnum SRT-8, Florida tag, driven by Jeremy J. Brendel, W/M, 1-14-1982, of Cape Coral. Brendel died from injuries sustained in the collision. 


Speeding Ends in Tragedy

Vehicle 1 was traveling southbound on Del Prado Boulevard North, after leaving the Bella Vida community.

Vehicle 1 accelerated to a high rate of speed in the outside lane of travel as it entered the sweeping right-hand curve south of the community.

Vehicle 1 changed to the inside lane of travel, to pass witness 1’s vehicle, continuing at a high rate of speed.

Vehicle 1 moved back into the inside lane of travel near the exit of the curve.

Vehicle 1 applied heavy braking as it approached the 3000 block of Del Prado Boulevard N, to avoid colliding with another, unknown, vehicle driving in the inside lane of travel.

Speeding Ends in Tragedy

Vehicle 1, with locked wheels and weight still transferred to the driver-side, upon exit of the right-hand curve, began to rotate clockwise while still heading south. 

Vehicle 1 exited the roadway, mounting the southbound sidewalk subsequently striking a large live oak tree directly on the driver’s door.

Driver of Vehicle 1 was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of impact.

Post impact, Driver 1 was ejected out of the driver seat and into the passenger seat.

An off-duty LCSO Deputy and witnesses attempted life-saving measures, however, the Driver of Vehicle 1 was declared deceased on scene. 

Traffic Homicide was notified and arrived on scene.  A Victim’s Advocate responded and notified next of kin.

No other vehicles were involved in the collision.

Speed IS a factor in this crash. It is currently unknown if this incident is DUI-related.

Speeding Ends in Tragedy

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