The Cauldron – Lew Paper.  A very interesting history of the U.S. ambassador to Japan for 10 years before WW2, Joe Grew. It covers the details of his interaction with the U.S. state department & president Roosevelt. There was a lot of omission & deceit (lies) in information passed on to him. *****

Caste – Isabel WilkersonInstead of seeing racism she sees divisions as caste comparing the caste systems in India, The U.S. & Germany. The bottom rung in India is Dalits (untouchables,) In the U.S it is African American, & in Germany it is Jews. There are various castes from top to bottom & she gives many examples of the different castes in the U.S. **

The Hilarious World of Depression – John Moe.  The author has a popular podcast with the same title. The book has many stories about depression & attempts to explain the many possible symptoms of depression. ***

El Jefe The Stalking of Chapo Guzman – Alan FeuerAn inside look at the people in agencies in the U.S. & Mexico attempting to capture Guzman. Interesting look at his organization, operations, 2 escapes from prison, his family & friends. Also looks at the various people trying to capture him. ****

Demystifing Hospice – Karen J. ClaytonA Hospice social worker gives many inside stories of patients & caregivers of people in Hospice care at home. ***

Anatomy of Pain – Dr. Abdul Ghaahq Lalhen.  This is a tough read with a lot of medical information but very interesting. He covers a lot of methods of treating pain with new developments over the last 20 years. ****

Hunting Whitey – Casey Sherman & Dave WedgeThe inside story of Whitey Bulger, a famous Boston crime boss who committed 19 murders. It details all the places he went to & lived while being pursued by law enforcement. Covers his criminal acts from a young age to going into hiding & then getting killed in prison at 85. ****

The Last Days of John Lennon – James Patterson/Casey Sherman/Dave Wedge. A biography of Lennon & the history of the Beatles with a description of his killer’s thoughts, personality & actions prior to killing Lennon. Lots of stories about the Beatles & other musicians. *****

Let’s Never Talk About This Again – Sara Faith AltermanStarts out slow, but becomes a really good memoir with lots of humor. Mostly about her father, but also includes many other characters in her life. Some sad parts, too, with her father dying from Alzheimer’s at the end. *****

The Spider – Barry LevineThe story of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell. A lot of new information about the details of their lives, many of their famous friends and the crimes they were involved in (traffiking young girls & women.) ***

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