The Cape Coral Police Department’s Special Operations Bureau will be conducting an operation this Saturday, June 12th to combat the ongoing issue of unlawful ATV riding in illegal areas.

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This operation is part of the Department’s ongoing efforts to curb illegal ATV usage that negatively affects area residents, violates rules of the road as well as existing trespass authorizations, and creates safety hazards for both the public and for those operating the ATVs in an unlawful manner.

Complaints of bonfires and unlawful discharge of firearms adds even greater risk to area residents and will not be tolerated. Illegal parking of trucks and trailers on vacant land and lots will also be addressed.

The operation will focus on areas with frequent issues within the city limits of Cape Coral.

CCPD Conducting Operation to Combat Illegal ATV Use

Operating an ATV anywhere in the City of Cape Coral is unlawful unless the rider owns the property they are operating on. Riding on roadways (unless street-legal with a valid license plate and registration) is considered operating an unregistered motor vehicle. Riding on vacant lots or land is a city ordinance violation and may also be criminal trespassing.

Please reference the below links for Florida State Statutes and City Ordinance related to ATV riding.

Florida State Statute: Operation of an ATV on certain roadways

Florida State Statute: All-Terrain Vehicles

Cape Coral City Ordinance: Operation of motor-driven vehicles in certain places prohibited

CCPD Conducting Operation to Combat Illegal ATV Use

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