Frontier Follies – Ree DrummondA very good memoir of her life after marriage, living on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Lots of real life situations & humor. ****

Live Free Or Die – Sean Hannity.  The title is overly dramatic. A review of the Trump administration with an inside look at political actions throughout government, the liberal press, and the conservative press. He goes into a lot of details behind the scenes in government. **

The Three C’s That Made America Great – Mike Huckabee/Steve Feazel.  Christanity – Capitalism – Constitution. A very informative read about the 3 topics from a conservative point of few. Reasoned versions of the 3 topics without name calling or abusive language. Very educational reading for all. *****

The End of Everything (Astrophysically speaking) – Katie MackThis is about the physics of the universe. A challenging read about the beginning of the universe to what physicists expect will possibly be the end of the universe. Lots of theories about dark space, dark energy & the solar system. Be prepared to take nap breaks ****

Talking to Goats (Greatest OAll Time) – Jim GrayHe tells about his interviews & relationships with many sports figures, including Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Mohammad Ali, Michael Phelps, Mike Tyson, Lebron James, Tom Brady, Shaq, Jack Nicholson, Ron Artest, several presidents & many others. *****

A Very Punchable Face – Colin JostHead writer on Saturday Night live writes a very funny memoir about his life at SNL & also various adventures with his co-workers. ****

Greenlights – Matthew McConaugheyVery well written memoir with humor & wisdom. He reveals a lot about his personal life from young to present. Also includes a lot of stories about his adventures in exotic places that he has visited & his acting career. *****

Tombstone – Tom CalvinA well researched page turner about the early history of the west. It goes into great detail about many characters that you probably have never heard of before. It covers the personalities  of them, their wives & friends. *****

Blackout – Candace OwensAn informative book on how government policies keep minorities on welfare programs, not encouraging or allowing them to lead productive, successful lives. She gives many examples of these policies & names programs & politicians that promote them. ****

Overkill – Paul A. Offit, MDThis book will blow you away with all the false claims about modern medicine. He writes about operations that really have no effect in controlled studies, The same for many prescribed medications, & most supplements. *****

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