The Cape Coral Police Department today honored two Mariner Middle School students with the “Do The Right Thing” award. Please join us in recognizing and congratulating these fine young students.

Emma Holmes                    8th Grade – Mariner Middle School

Emma was taking a test when she heard a student make a choking sound. She turned around and saw he was holding his throat.  Emma ran over to him and performed the Heimlich maneuver, and a bottle cap came shooting out of his mouth. Her quick action saved his life. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 3.47.32 PM.png

Joseph Elmquist                 7th Grade – Mariner Middle School

Joseph was at Eagle Skate Park and noticed a boy who was too scared to go down the big ramp on his bike.  Joseph sat with the boy for half an hour encouraging him. The boy finally got the courage to go down the ramp. The smile on his face was beyond priceless. 

Thank you to Emma and Joseph for being shining examples of what it means to “do the right thing.”

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Two Mariner Middle Students Receive "Do The Right Thing" Award

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