A parking lot crash in a local grocery store parking lot on Friday, May 28, 2001, sadly resulted in one person’s death. Several Cape Coral Police Patrol officers as well as Traffic Homicide Investigators responded to the scene.

Parking Lot Crash Causes Fatality

VEHICLE 1: Silver 2015 Honda Accord, 4 Door, FL tag, driven by a 73 year old W/M, of Cape Coral, FL. Driver suffered a cardiac episode during the crash incident. 

PEDESTRIAN 1: 85 year old W/F, of Cape Coral, FL. Pedestrian died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash incident.


Parking Lot Crash Causes Fatality

Driver of Vehicle 1 was parked in the parking lot of Aldi (1481 SW Pine Island Rd), in the south end of the parking lot. 

Pedestrian 1 was walking in the south end of the parking lot, approximately 25 feet from the building.

Driver 1 began to back out of the parking space when he suffered a cardiac-related medical episode. Driver 1 accelerated at a high rate of speed, in reverse, striking Pedestrian 1. Pedestrian 1 became entrapped under the vehicle.

Vehicle 1 continued in reverse for a distance of 20 feet after impact with Pedestrian 1, striking the shopping cart retaining wall. For an unknown reason, Driver of Vehicle 1 placed the vehicle in “Drive” and began pulling away from the area of impact with the retaining wall. Pedestrian 1 remained under the vehicle as it traveled southeast in the parking lot for a distance of 87 feet.

Parking Lot Crash Causes Fatality

Pedestrian 1 was pronounced deceased on scene by LCEMS. Traffic Homicide was notified and arrived on scene to complete the investigation. A CCPD Victims Advocate notified the next of kin. Forensics responded to photograph the scene. 

Drug Recognition Expert Ofc. R. Martini responded to a local hospital to make contact with Driver of Vehicle 1. DRE Martini found no signs of chemical impairment. Neither alcohol nor speed are considered to be factors in this crash incident.

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