Breath – James NestorThis is a medical science book all about breathing and it’s effects on our health & bodies. It covers many different ways of breathing and describes the effects physically on our bodies, brains, & organs. Very interesting and informative.  ****

The Book Of Humans – Adam RutherfordThis is an amazing book about the evolution of everything. In easy to understand terms, he writes about the evolution of animals, mammals, language, & humans. Some of the medical details get complicated, but the chapters on sexual behavior are a hoot. *****

Code Name Madeline – Arthur J. MagidaThis is a biography of Noor Inayat Khan. Her father traveled the world teaching/preaching the Muslim Sufi religion. She was a native of India & joined the British Special Operations Executive ((SOE) as a radio operator in the French underground. Their average life there was 6-8 weeks. She lasted almost 2 yrs, killed by the Germans 3 days after D day. ***

Paper Bullets – Jeffrey H. JacksonThe story of Lucy Schowb & Suzanne Malherbe, aka as Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore. Two French lesbian women living on the British Island Jersey during WW2. They planted paper notes all over the island condemning the Nazis. They were captured & spent time as POW’s before the war finally ended. **

You Look So Much Better In Person – Al RokerNBC Today Show weatherman & Co-host tells stories about his life from childhood through today. Many interesting stories his fans will like. Sort of a mini biography. **

The Madwoman & The Roomba – Sandra Tsing LohHer story of life as a single divorced mom of pre-teen & teenaged daughters. Quite a bit of humor. Probably appreciated more by women than men.***

Citizen Mack – Senator Connie Mack A memoir by Connie Mack, a Cape Coral resident. His grandfather owned & coached The Philadelphia Phillies for MANY years. This Connie was a banker, representative in congress, then a senator. After that, the most interesting part of his life was his involvement with the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa. ****

The Second Life of Tiger Woods  – Michael BambergerA definite for golf fans. He covers Tiger’s life from childhood to present. More details after his comeback, including details of many different golf rounds by each hole. Also discusses his relationships with other golfers. ***

The Gutfeld Monologues – Greg GutfeldA collection of his monologues from the Tv program The Five.  Mostly political with some sarcasm. He has added a lot of side comments in the book. ** 

Trumpty Dumpty – John LithgowThis is a short book of poems slamming Trump & anyone in his administration. Some are pretty clever. **

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