Open Book – Jessica SimpsonA very interesting telling of her life. A lot of occasions that show her insecurity & “bad” side, including family issues, sexual behavior, and alcohol abuse. It also includes many “famous” names you will recognize. *****

Countdown 1945 – Chris Wallace/Mitch WeissDetails of the events & people leading up to the development of the atomic bomb. Also the events happening in politics with Truman, Stalin, & Churchill/Atlee. Vivid descriptions of the aftereffects of the 2 bombs. The Epilog follows the life/career of all the people involved in developing & delivering the 2 bombs. ***

Hollywood Park – Mikel JolettBorn in a commune (Synanon) he was taken from his parents at 6 months old. Synanon turned into a cult & he escaped at 4 years old. His family was a mess, with almost all of the male relatives spending some time in jail. He was on that same track until high school when he changed & got a scholarship to Stanford. Several years after graduation, learned to play music & sing. He is now the front man for the indie band “The Airborne Toxic Event.” Well written book, very depressing until the end. **

Killing Crazy Horse – Bill O’Reilly/Martin DugardAn excellent history of the American Indian wars. Many vivid descriptions of the battles, living conditions, of several different tribes. These “killing” books are well written & full of information you probably haven’t heard of before. ****

Songteller – Dolly Parton/Robert K. ObermannA “must have” for Dolly Parton fans. 175 lyrics of her songs + a story with each one about when & why she wrote it. This is a large 9X12 coffee table-style book with heavy paper pages, too heavy to hold & read. I sat at my desk to read it. *****

In Deep – David Rohde.  Author is an anti-Trump guy. While insisting there isn’t a deep state, he gives many examples of government employees in the FBI, CIA, & State departments doing things to discredit Trump. **

Follow The Money – Dan BonginoHe reviews all of the nefarious deeds in the state department, including the FBI, congress, Comey, Brennen, Schiff, McCabe, Strzok, Clapper, Somma, Yates & others. The Christopher Steele dossier, John McCain, The Covid virus, Hunter Biden, & several corrupt activities involving large amounts of money are reviewed, as well. *****

Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey/Angela DavisThis is her autobiography with a lot of “poor me” episodes. It has a lot of interesting stories about show business & her sad life as a child. Also, interesting stories involving many big names in show business & the music industry. ****

The Answer is – Alex Trebek. A very good autobiography & an easy read. Short chapters with human interest stories. *****

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