Millennial Brewing Co. Co-owner Amber Cebull has launched a brand new non-alcoholic beverage company.

Gather Beverage Co. is specializing in herbal, CBD and therapeutic beverages. The debut CBD beverage, called Chill Out, seeks to elevate the standards for CBD beverages in the industry by offering a higher quality product with better ingredients that maximize the bioavailability of the CBD.

The idea for the drink was brought about amidst pandemic shutdowns. The microbrewery was unable to sell alcohol, so they got their CBD license and began selling CBD beverages instead.

“What we experienced during the Pandemic was an emerging market of people that are looking for healthy, non-alcoholic and therapeutic beverages and it really snowballed from there,” Cebull said.

The beverage is unique in that it replaces the standard CBD seltzer waters with organic juices. The CBD product in it is both broad spectrum and nano-amplified, which increases the absorption and bioavailability as well as the effects through the multiple cannabinoids in the beverage.

Direct to consumer subscription deliveries are now available and multiple wholesale partners have begun to carry the product.

It is expected to be available in many locations throughout the state by mid-April. 

“This is the definition of turning adversity on its head. Sky’s the limit from here,“ said Cebull. “Who knew that the biggest challenge our brewery has faced since inception would turn into a catalyst for creating a therapeutic non-alcoholic beverage that will literally change lives. It’s a movement and we’re happy to be part of it.” 

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