The House of Kennedy – James Patterson. A good history of the Kennedy’s through 2019. He touches on the bad things in their history along with the positive things. There are a lot of details that you will not have heard or read about before. ****

Revolution – K.T. McFarland. Author held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford, & Reagan administrations before serving in the Trump administration. She writes about what happens inside the political  world in her specialty of foreign affairs. Interesting stories about names you will know – Kissinger, along with many others. ****

Shatner – Michael Seth Starr. Biography of William Shatner. Star Trek was his most famous show, but he did many other things, TV, Movies, and Stage. **

You Are Worth It – Kyle Carpenter. Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor for throwing himself on top of a grenade in Afghanistan. Most of this book is about the extensive time & treatment he spent recovering from his wounds. ***

Hunting The Unabomber – Lis Wiehl/Lisa Pulitzer. An in-depth look at how the FBI, postal service, and ATF investigated this case for 17 years. You will be amazed at the details of this operation from coast to coast and the many people and $$$ involved. ****

The American Story – David M. Rubenstien. A great synopsis of American History. He interviews authors who have written biographies of 12 presidents, Founding fathers & mothers, Charles Lindberg, Martin Luther King Jr., and chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. *****

Creative Care – Anne Basting.  A revolutionary approach to elder care, especially dementia & Alzheimer’s. She gives many case histories of new methods of treating elders in different settings, including nursing homes & private homes.

Lou Gehrig-The Lost Memoir – Alan G. Gaff.  The first part is columns that Gehrig wrote for an Oakland newspaper, almost entirely about baseball. The 2nd part is a biography written by Gaff. Strictly for baseball history fans. **

American Crusade – Pete Hegseth. A conservative’s view of what is wrong with all of the “isms” and how to combat and change them. A bible for hard right conservatives. *

The Splendid & the Vile – Erik Larson. An excellent written history of Winston Churchill in 1940 & 1941. These were intense war years with Germany attacking England. Many stories about inside the politics & military actions. Also, many human interest stories about personalities, and the various sex affairs which make good reading. *****

Blitz – David Horowitz. Strong Trump advocate tears apart most of the anti Trump accusations. He reviews many accusations & then discredits them with actual facts & situations. **  

Wisdom In Action – Mary Oviatt. This book is written by my cousin, Rita Ulbrich Oviatt, about her aunt. Both were raised about 2 miles from the farm I was raised on in Iowa with very similar conditions. Marie Ulbirch always wanted to serve the “poorest of the poor.”  Marie Ulbrich was one of 4 Sisters (nuns) that started the medical Mission Sisters. They now have missions all over the world. ***

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