Quick Reads

Quick Reads

KD -Marcus Thompson. About Kevin Durant’s basketball development & career. Probably only a good read for basketball fans as it is mostly about the actions in basketball games & the results. Very little about his personal life outside of basketball. *

What’s in Your Blood & Why You Should Care – Earl Mindell & Gene Bruno. This book is a detailed study of how blood functions in your body. The effects of of your diet, exercise, environment, DNA, supplements. Good reference book for doctors.

Successful Aging – Daniel Levitin. This 400 page small print book written by a neuroscientist is a challenge to read. Lots of medical terms covering nerves & brain function. Covers pain, perception, memory, exercise, diet, personality, sleep, emotions, social factors & motivation. ***

Boys & Sex – Peggy Orenstein. About what you would expect. Probably spent 100’s of thousands of $$$ to tell us about every kind of sexual deviation there is. Bottom line, boy’s want to get laid. *

The Body – Bill Bryson. Very interesting book about everything about our body. All the organs, diseases, nerves, muscles, genes, etc., & all explained in layman’s (common) language. *****

Talking to Strangers – Malcolm Gladwell. This one is about our ability to determine when someone is lying. This is true with CIA talking to spies, police & judges & criminals, con men with finance/swindles, etc. ****

Brother & Sister – Diane Keaton. This book is all about her mentally challenged brother. Mildly interesting, but definitely not a page turner. **

My Life in Four Quarters – Joe Namath w/Sean Mortimer & Don Yaeger. This is a story built around Joe watching a tape of Super Bowl III & describing all of the action & his feelings at the time. A little bit about his personal life, too. ** 

Quick Reads

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