Quick Reads

Quick Reads

The Plot Against The President – Lee Smith. This is about how Kevin Nunez (R-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, exposed the FBI, CIA, Justice Dept., major news outlets & others of false accusations & unlawful surveillance of the Trump campaign before & after he was president. Lots of new unmasking of foul play. ****

Funny Man – Patrick McGilligan. A thorough biography of Mel Brooks. There is a LOT of information in this book that you have never heard about his personal life & his personality. He had a very abrasive personality, but a great sense of humor. He was also a great joke teller. ****

Trump’s Enemies – Corey Lewandowski & David Bossie.  Both authors were inside the Trump administration & have a lot of “inside” stories. Many are about opposition people in the President’s staff & the deep state. Really good political read. ****

The American Plague – Jim Murphy. – Not what you think! This is the story of the 1793 yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia.  Details of the medical procedures & living conditions at the time are gruesome. Yellow fever struck many different cities for many years until DDT almost eradicated it. Once DDT was banned it made a comeback. *****

Hidden America – Jeanne Marie Laskas. A book about jobs most people know very little about. Coal miner, migrant laborers, Cincinnati Bengals female cheerleader, air traffic controller, gun shop owner, real cowboy & ranch owner on large Texas ranch, worker on Alaska north slope oil rig, female semi truck driver, & workers in a L.A. landfill. Author spent 2 weeks with each & gives detailed summary of each. *****

The Presidents Club – Nancy Gibbs & Michael Duffy. An excellent history of past president’s interactions with sitting presidents. It covers presidents from Hoover through Obama. It’s a 530 page book in which they reveal many personal & political details of their relationships.  A must read for political nerds. *****

The Future of Freedom – Fareed Zakaria. A dated (2007) study of freedom throughout the world. It gives good, detailed reasoning on what constitutes freedom for the average people in various countries. The measure of freedom actually rises with average income in almost every country. ***

1776 – David McCullough. Starts out slow, but turns out a really interesting history of the military battles during the Revolution. Lots of things you probably never read or heard about the many setbacks Washington had before his success in military matters. ****

The Finest Hours – Michael Tougias & Casey Sherman. The story of the Coast Guard rescue of most of the people on 2 tankers that both broke into 2 parts in a winter storm off the New England coast. Very descriptive details of the heroic efforts by the Coast Guard individuals. ***  

Toil & Trouble – Augusten Burroughs. Biography about his life with his husband. Author believes he is a witch & has the ability to see the future on occasion. Usual life happenings moving from Manhattan to Connecticut countryside, family illness, etc. Very little humor. *

Quick Reads

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