Quick Reads

Quick Reads

1.  Defending Israel – Alan Dershowitz. A well-written book about his life. He tells amazing stories about his contacts with world leaders in politics, governments, universities. Easy to read because it is so interesting. *****

2.  Triggered – Donald Trump Jr. A surprisingly good book about his life both inside & outside of politics. Many interesting stories of opposition to his father by various people inside & outside politics. ****

3.  The Way I Heard It – Mike Rowe. A great read about Paul Harvey type stories – surprise endings to stories about famous people. Interspersed with them are interesting stories about his life you probably haven’t heard. He is best known for the TV series Dirty Jobs. *****

4.  Deep State – James B. Stewart. A book defending the deep state and opposing President Trump. People who agree with his opinions will like this book. *

5.  Alone At Dawn – Dan Schiking & Lori Chapman Longfritz. An amazing story about John Chapman, an Air Force combat controller. Mostly unknown, they receive training similar to Navy Seals and are assigned to combat units to direct all aircraft for close bombing control. He received the medal of honor after being left for dead by the Seals & fighting on after being badly wounded. ****

6.  ME – Elton JohnIf you like reading about celebrities, this book has it all – lots of famous people’s names, exotic locations, weird sex, and lots of stories about his life. ****

7.  A World Without Work – Daniel Susskind.  Speculating that in a couple of generations most work will be done by machines, computers, automation, & robots, there will not be jobs for everyone. He explores guaranteed annual income & several other possibilities. ***

8.  The Ride Of A Lifetime – Robert Iger.  Well written, very interesting tale about his life & being CEO of Walt Disney for 15 years. An inside look at making multi-billion dollar decisions. *****

9.  Exonerated – Dan Bongino.  This is a “dry” read as he goes into many details of the “Russiagate-Mueller” investigation. You will be surprised by the many lies & the abuse of power that you never heard or read about before. **

10. With All Due Respect – Nikki R. HaleyVery good memoir of her life experience to date. She has been very active in politics as a South Carolina senator & governor, followed by her role as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. *****     

Quick Reads


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