Virtual Birthday Celebrations Are Not Just for Kids!

Virtual Birthday Celebrations Are Not Just for Kids!

IMAG Announces Its Free Virtual Birthday Celebrations for Adults

Birthdays are always a time of celebration even if the celebration is virtual and socially distanced! The IMAG History & Science Center announces its new Virtual Birthday Celebrations for Adults. No kids allowed! Like their IMAG Virtual Birthday Parties for children, adults can now also enjoy the fun of celebrating their birthdays (or anything else they want to celebrate) with up to 15 other guests for a unique and very exciting experience using Zoom for your video and audio party connection.

Virtual Birthday Celebrations Are Not Just for Kids!

IMAG is bringing the history and science center to your Adult Virtual Birthday Celebrationand it’s free! Here’s how it works. IMAG offers various party themes including Beers & Gears, a Harry Potter inspired Wizards’ University, and Star Wars inspired Happy Hour at Oga’s Cantina. You pick a theme, schedule your party, and leave the rest to IMAG. Using the IMAG TV studio green screen, costumes, and props, the IMAG staff puts on an interactive show and activity for your party.

Guests will learn about chemistry, physics, and engineering as they play virtual Flip Cup or Quiddtich Pong, test their chemistry knowledge during a round of 3 Cup Monty, compete in silly engineering challenges, and more. For birthdays, the IMAG staff ends the celebration singing Happy Birthday in an online sing-along! Each Adult Virtual Birthday Celebration runs usually for about 20-30 minutes.

Once you have scheduled your party, IMAG will send you an email with party information and a Zoom invite, as well as directions and a list of items found around the home for your activity or, if you prefer, you can purchase IMAG Virtual Birthday Party To-Go Kits already containing the items you will need for the activity.

Although IMAG Virtual Birthday Celebrations for Adults are free, donations are always welcomed to help manage expenses.

Virtual Birthday Celebrations Are Not Just for Kids!

Finally, don’t forget to get your daily digital dose of history and science from IMAG@HOME (including our Beers & Gears programs after the kids have gone to bed) available on Facebook at and on YouTube at

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