Quick Reads

Quick Reads

The Death of Politics — Peter Wehner. Author gives a lot of opinions, concentrating on how horrible he thinks Trump is. If you don’t like President Trump, you will probably like this book. *

Talking to Strangers – Malcolm Gladwell. A look at the history of people making wrong assumptions when talking or questing people. He uses Bernie Madoff, KSM, Amanda Knox, Hitler, Emily Doe, Ana Montes, Sandra Bland, Graham Spanier, & others. An interesting study of psychology. ****

The American Story – David M. Rubenstein. An excellent read of US history. Mostly on past presidents & events during their political careers. ****

Ball of Collusion – Andrew G. McCarthy. This is a tough read as the author goes into many details of the false & criminal behavior during the investigations of the Trump administration. ****

Inside Out – Demi Moore. An interesting memoir about her life. Lots of famous names and unbelievable happenings in her life. An insight into the many negative things in a Hollywood life. ****

At The Cold Shoulder of History – James C. Jenkins & William Matson Law. Author was a Navy corpsman assisting at the autopsy of President Kennedy. This book goes into a detailed description of that autopsy and the conflicts of his observations & what was given to the Warren Commission. ***

Catch & Kill – Ronan Farrow. Author goes into detail about how he found & interviewed many women who testified about being abused by Harvey Weinstein and several newsmen at NBC & how NBC with others refused to report it. *****

Letters From An Astrophysicist – Neil deGrasse. A collection of letters sent to the author & his letters in reply. Disappointing, dull reading. *

On Nineteen Eighty-Four – D.J. Taylor. A biography about the author of 1984 (George Orwell). Very interesting look at his entire life while writing 1984, his personal & health issues. It also looks at the effect his book had on politics throughout the world. ****

The Nature of Life & Death – Patricia Wiltshire. A Forensic ecologist reveals a lot of different clues that can be gathered from nature. All plant material, roots, spores,  & dirt. She gives many examples of crimes that were solved by her findings, showing where & when the crime took place. *** 

Quick Reads

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