Letter to the Editor — Opposition to “Evicting” Owls

Letter to the Editor -- Opposition to "Evicting" Owls
Letter to the Editor -- Opposition to "Evicting" Owls

Eunice “Lovey” & Thurston Owl III  are the Owls that live next to the Chamber of Commerce at the foot of the Cape Coral Bridge on Cape Coral Parkway East.

Contrary to rumor and what some un-informed City Council Employee may have said (to me) The Cape Coral Chamber Of Commerce does NOT WANT THE OWLS DISTURBED. In fact… are assisting in working on setting up an “Owl Cam” so that people can view and be educated about the Burrowing Owl.

Let’s dispel some rumors – Lies – Misrepresentations

Letter to the Editor -- Opposition to "Evicting" Owls
  • OWLs are not moved or relocated to a new home. When the “City” tells you that they are “relocating” some owls… what they are actuallly doing is destroying the owls burrow… immediately forcing the now homeless owls to find a new place to live.
  • The Cape Coral Chamber Of Commerce has not asked for — and does not want — the Owls moved.
  • The Cape Coral Chamber Of Commerce is actively looking into the possibility of Owl-Cams with the assistance of private individuals.
  • Burrowing owls do not think Jaycee Park is suitable for their burrows; otherwise, there would be some there already.
  • The only event held at Horton Park is “Red White & Boom” once a year – no construction is currently planned or contemplated.
  • Burrowing owls at that location do not impose a financial or liability risk to the City of Cape Coral.
Letter to the Editor -- Opposition to "Evicting" Owls
  • If disturbing the owls was truly a concern of the city… they certainly would not propose Jaycee Park as a location for owl’s to be “relocated to”… Jaycee Park has MANY MORE EVENTS, dogs, and traffic over the course of the year. This proposed “relocation” is simply a lie to the public to make you feel better about destroying their homeLie to Tallahassee about a new location to “Get the Permit.”

Submitted by Cape Coral resident Christopher Specht

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