Letter to the Editor — Could We Lose?

Letter to the Editor -- Could We Lose?
Letter to the Editor -- Could We Lose?

There’s a concept in Israeli national security known as the “tenth man.” It originates from the Jewish minyan, where nine congregants were necessary for a quorum to worship.

A “tenth man” is someone outside the minyan, or, in essence, outside of the crowd and general consensus.

Right now, the general consensus is that President Trump is set to win reelection in 2020. This seems to be obvious for a number of reasons. For one, to quote a friend of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, “It’s the economy, stupid,” and the Trump-Pence economy has been BOOMING!

But besides our wonderful economy, the Trump Victory Team is greatly enhanced by an impeachment trial that is such a disaster, House Democrats literally lost a member to the GOP. It is even further enhanced by the internal division and socialist ideas coming out from the opposition team.

Letter to the Editor -- Could We Lose?

But if we have learned anything from 2016, it’s that speculation is the mother of all evils.

There is a very real chance that in 2020, Democrats may upset the upset candidate, and it rests on five states: Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Georgia.

Why those states? Well, the first three should be obvious, as every expert sees them as the key swing states. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, traditionally blue-collar Democratic bastions, flipped to Trump in 2016. Arizona, with its shifting demographics and a population that is at least a third Hispanic, is being fought over by both campaigns.

But Democrats are feeling ambitious, and they are looking to do the impossible. And, on pure demographics alone, they could very well succeed.

Letter to the Editor -- Could We Lose?

The 2020 Election will be the first election where every Millennial will be eligible to vote. 40% of the electorate is Millennial, and Democrats have hyper-targeted them for this race. The GOP has had less success, relying primarily on outside conservative groups, like Turning Point USA, which have themselves become an embarrassment within some conservative circles due to their habit of censoring participants despite claiming to support free speech.

In addition, both Texas and Georgia have large Hispanic and African American populations, both of which Democrats are targeting. Former State Senator and failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams began GOTV efforts early, and if a Texas Democrat like Secretary Castro or Congressman O’Rourke gets on the ticket, it may be enough to move the needle.

Letter to the Editor -- Could We Lose?

If the Trump Victory Team truly wishes to ensure victory in 2020, they need to play the Democrat’s game and play it better. We need Millennials and POCs (people of color) front and center, especially on college campuses.

There’s an old adage, “pride cometh before the fall.” The Republican Party has had a history of ignoring minorities and young people for too long. This is not the election to keep that tradition going.

Remember, everyone thought Hillary was going to win until the very end, too. Stay vigilant, Trump Warriors!

Respectfully, Cape Coral resident Sean David Hartman

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