Letter to the Editor — Reaction to Impeachment

Letter to the Editor -- Reaction to Impeachment
Letter to the Editor -- Reaction to Impeachment

The Republican Party of Lee County condemns the partisan effort by the elitist Democrat leadership to shield their own collusion with Ukraine in the 2016 presidential election by conjuring up allegations against the President. 

If the beltway media continues to push the narrative that the President did something wrong, and decent Americans continue to believe those lies and deceptions, an important investigation into the abject corruption of the previous administration in Ukraine will never take place.

The bipartisan effort of Republicans and Democrats to defeat the Articles of Impeachment while supporting the Constitution and the rule of law was defeated exclusively by Democrats who either don’t understand or refuse to follow the Constitution, who refuse to acknowledge the election results of 2016, and who were set on impeaching the President over 1,000 days before he ever picked up the phone to speak to the President of Ukraine. 

Letter to the Editor -- Reaction to Impeachment

Like the beltway media, most of the Democrats (some joined all Republicans and voted against impeachment) don’t let facts get in the way of a good story and willfully ignored the lack of evidence and contradicting evidence that undermined their efforts. 

With Democrats presuming guilt – rather than innocence, refusing to make all accusers available for cross-examination, holding back transcripts and exculpatory evidence, and systematically denying due process for the President of the United States, the hundreds of millions of people he represents will continue to be ignored due to the inaction and failure of the Democrat-led House of Representatives.

Respectfully, Jonathan Martin, Chairman of the Republican Party of Lee County

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