Letter to the Editor — Remember the Parks GO Bond?

Letter to the Editor -- Remember the Parks GO Bond?
Letter to the Editor -- Remember the Parks GO Bond?

Remember the Parks GO Bond? Recall the Public meeting that they said was very well attended? They need to make room at Lake Kennedy, so the current lease for the kayak and rowing club has ended.

Yes, there is space needed for these important water sports. Putting the kayak and rowing club into a very heavy traffic area may not be the best option.

I live on the NW Spreader. From Gator Slough south is the heaviest used area. We have long had a speeding issue. The Cape PD tries, but can’t be on patrol here as much as is needed.

At the new Tropicana Park, they now plan to lease park property to a rowing group and a kayak group. I don’t recall seeing that as part of the park concept that was previously presented at the public meeting held on the park plans.

Letter to the Editor -- Remember the Parks GO Bond?

At the North end of the spreader, the new Crystal Lake Park is planned as well. While the lake is landlocked, the city owns lots there than could give access to the NW Spreader water. The City is already working on a kayak launch in the far NW near Crystal Lake. The Far North means the kayakers and rowers would experience far less boat traffic.

The Kayakers would also be a short paddle from 2 breaches (the original creeks) that will take them thru miles of canals that have almost no motorized boats. If you continue on, there is direct access into Charlotte Harbor just across the harbor from Bokeelia.

Choices are best when you know the area. The Far North is the best (for kayaking) and also the safest. The build-out up north is far less than it is near Tropicana Park. It will likely be years before that area sees the density that we have near Tropicana.

The Parks Department should be asking the residents who live and boat these areas, but no, they do their own thing. I do recall watching the mayor saying they would make the final choices. Let’s hope that they make the correct choice.

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Respectfully, Cape Coral resident John Karcher

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