Letter to the Editor -- Cape Coral's Current "Land Charade" is Taking Place now
Letter to the Editor -- Cape Coral's Current "Land Charade" is Taking Place now

Have you ever read the book “Lies That Came True?” Lies That Came True: The Amazing Creation of Cape Coral… available on www.amazon.com

One may want to say that the same is happening today. Using our tax dollars to speculate on property is simply wrong, and probably illegal if you listen to some attorney’s opinions.

Here is what I know from living here for 13 years, being fully engaged since retiring, along with all the news reports of city council meetings and city press releases.

In April of 2012, Council agreed to bid in an Online Land Auction.

Letter to the Editor -- Cape Coral's Current "Land Charade" is Taking Place now

They won the bid for the 491 Parcels at $13 million using our tax dollars. They raided the budget and the reserves with a promise to return the funds when the property was sold. They said they needed the property for future use to support the city’s growth. How many times have taxes gone up and assessments added because they need money for the same budget they raided?

Nearly 8 years later and we still own a mass majority, more than has been sold. Council asked staff to look into what was surplus and get some of the properties sold. Going on 2 years later, approximately 100 parcels were listed. Few have sold due to the draconian council rules for the process. Lots must be listed at fair market value, with bids taken to the Council. People that want to buy property want to buy now, not wait weeks to get it on an agenda!

Letter to the Editor -- Cape Coral's Current "Land Charade" is Taking Place now

I have a file of what the city paid versus the list price and the city is looking for big gains. I suggest they sell the lots now at what they paid plus 8 years of interest to cover the carrying and put the funds back.

Data shows that the city is in no hurry to sell. These listings are simply an effort to divert them from being viewed as speculating. Today in Cape Coral there are 2,460 off water lots, 849 gulf access lots and 1,244 freshwater lots. Keep in mind that so many of the current lots listed were bought years ago by speculators.

Move the tax payer’s lots deemed surplus at a discount and get them back on the tax rolls now or we could be sitting on them for years!


This was part 2 of the 491 purchases in 2012. Eight years later, Council is continuing a lawsuit that was previously rejected by the judge. Council and Staff have hired outside guns to represent us in the argument for the annexation of the properties.

If you use the NW spreader to access Charlotte Harbor, you know that the tides in the area can be extremely hard to navigate as boaters launch into the very narrow canal behind D&D. But, here also our tax dollars have been spent to show that adding more boat ramps is safe. The last plan I heard is to add a 3 P, by adding a restaurant to this property. This would make the current “go-to tackle shop” less accessible as their space would be dramatically reduced. The voices of many residents say sell the property for the highest and best use and return our tax dollars to the budget where it belongs.

Some of our Council Members continue to have visions of grandeur with our money.

Letter to the Editor -- Cape Coral's Current "Land Charade" is Taking Place now

Do you have a thought to share with Council? Please, do so.

City Council Email Addresses as of 12.1.19. Let city council know what’s on your mind!

Email address for all elected officials: capecouncil@capecoral.net

Respectfully, Cape Coral resident John Karcher

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