Letter to the Editor -- A Disgrace To The Journalistic Profession

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

That seems to be the best way to sum up my feelings on the Florida Politics hit piece against Mike Giallombardo.

Being a journalist by trade, I am very self-aware of how my profession has become. What was once a noble duty to report the facts has resorted to opinions and smears from those who claim to be “unbiased.”

Letter to the Editor -- A Disgrace To The Journalistic Profession

Dan Rather famously admitted he was liberal, yet reported the news with as little bias as he could. As a conservative journalist, I myself always try to report from the center, not from the right, so as to give as unbiased perspective as I can. And, certainly, bias will unintentionally come out.

But this was nothing of the kind. Rather, this was an attempt from a statewide news organization to destroy a strong conservative candidate.

The sad truth is that if Florida Politics wanted to help Bryan Blackwell — who, to my knowledge, was not involved and is also a strong conservative candidate — they revealed their hand way too early.

Let’s be clear: a lot of people in Lee County opposed Trump in (early) 2016. I worked for the Cruz campaign.

Letter to the Editor -- A Disgrace To The Journalistic Profession

Mike Giallombardo expressed his own personal opinions about the importance of integrity in public office. His criticisms were harsh, but they were fair.

Fast forward to 2020, where PRESIDENT Trump has won over many conservatives, including Mike, who helped INTRODUCE him (then-candidate Trump) when he was in Lee County.

This was really a failure in opposition research. Mike does not have a DUI or a cocaine addiction. He doesn’t have a criminal past or a secret gay boyfriend from Crossfit. He had an opinion on a Presidential candidate, as we all did at one point.

Shame on Florida Politics. For the sake of all of us journalists, be better!

Respectfully, Cape Coral resident Sean David Hartman

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