Letter to the Editor — Hide and Seek

Letter to the Editor -- Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is not always a children’s game!

Some of Our Council likes to play as well.

In the budget a year ago, Council would not lower our millage rate because FEMA owed us $18 million in Hurricane Irma damages and they had to protect the funds taken from the current budget. They said they may never get that money back from FEMA.

Letter to the Editor -- Hide and Seek

As of 10/8/19, we have received $9.7 million with another $6 million expected, for a total of $15.7 million. Those funds should go back where they came from, the budget!

New rules, a new game – let’s spend it on our wish list:

Possible $20 plus million for projects. Yes, there are more meetings needed for additional staff feedback and voting.


1) Assisting the City’s Charter Schools with Athletic Field(s) construction – Estimated $3 million to construct athletic facilities on the Oasis campus; to include other groups in the city, as well. Need to resolve the sustainability of the Charter Schools first.

2) Funding additional median improvements throughout the City – $1 million were discussed during FY 2020 budget workshops.

3) Funding additional sidewalks throughout the City – $1 million was discussed during FY 2020 budget workshops.

4) Funding a Seawall Hardship Special Assessment program – $1 million Special Assessment revolving fund. This PROGRAM would be for those that need it due to an income hardship. The funds would be paid back upon the sale of the home

5) Assistance with funding a new Fleet Facilities Building. Total Cost $18 million. General Fund portion is $9.2 million (51.3%). Requesting a Study for a conceptual design of $175,000 and $1,625,000 for design.

6) Funding additional Disaster Reserves with the remaining balance of the FEMA reimbursement.

No Worries, it’s all good! They (City Council) would get to fulfill some of their promises!

It’s easy to raise the millage rate next year. Property values will likely rise again. They will say they are holding the mileage rate, again. Unfortunately, many don’t understand how that’s a favorite fairy tale for politicians.

Sincerely, Cape Coral resident John Karcher

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Letter to the Editor -- Hide and Seek