Quick Reads

Quick Reads

CAN’T HURT ME – DAVID GOGGINS. His story of going from a black depressed, overweight, loser as a teenager to a military icon. He became a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, Air Force Tactical Air Controller, and set records in numerous endurance contests – iron-man, ultra-triathlons, & 60 ultra-marathons. **

THE HOLY SH!T MOMENT – JAMES FELL. Many examples of people making life changing habits because of an instant idea that they acted on. **

INSANE MODE HAMISH McKENZIE. An in-depth look at the development of electric vehicles all over the world. With a detailed description of Elon Musk’s ideas. ****

FRATERNITY – ALEXANDRA ROBBINS. An inside look at several freshmen in different colleges during their pledging of a fraternity. Nothing surprising here, priorities are drinking & getting laid. **

EVERY MAN A KING – CHRIS STIREWALT. A history of populists – Ross Perot, Teddy Roosevelt, Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan, Andrew Jackson, William Jennings Bryant. A good read. ***

THE TEST – STEPHANE ALLIX. Author’s attempt to convince us that “mediums” are able to contact dead people & that there is an afterlife after death. I am still a skeptic after reading this book.**

WAR WITH RUSSIA – STEPHEN F. COHEN. Author has studied Russia & lived there occasionally for 40 years. A very interesting look at the history, politics & relationships with U.S. & Russia from a Russian perspective. ****

SAINT NICHOLAS – WILLIAM J. BENNETT. A good history/biography of the tradition of Saint Nicholas. **

IN THE FUTURE – MARTIN REES. An attempt look into the future possibilities of both bad & good things. Artificial intelligence, climate change, new drugs to cure illness, atomic wars, natural energy supplies, space travel, automobiles, transportation, and many others. Interesting speculation. ****

THE WHITE DARKNESS – DAVID GRANN. The story of Henry Worsley, a British adventurer’s trips across Antarctica. His final attempt to do it solo cost him his life. ***

Quick Reads