A Letter to the Editor — Obsession with China?

A Letter to the Editor -- Obsession with China?

What is The Cape Coral Mayor’s Obsession with China?

A Letter to the Editor -- Obsession with China?

He stacked the council chambers with his supporters and called for a vote on an item that was not on the agenda: the trip to China. His friends from Eco Labs spoke clearly in favor of the trip.

One must assume that it’s never too early to be looking for 2022 campaign donations. Some of the supporters had business gains to be made in China.

Does the Mayor not know the dangers of dealing directly with China? Or does he simply just refuse to listen to news on China?

  • China has 2 million people persecuted in ethnic concentration camps! China is not our friend, but they are friends with Russia, North Korea, and Syria. Dictators tend to stick together. Take a look at what these countries have done to their people!
  • These counties lack morals and human rights for their people.
  • A consumer group just reported that thousands of Americans are still in danger from the Chinese Drywall. It’s estimated that only a small part of those have been identified. Some settlements have been made, but many more are still left hanging with billions of dollars in losses.
  • China only invests where they can get payback for what they lack internally. Their goal is to end up owning whatever they invest in and they are masters in taking control.
  • How about other defective products they have shipped us? Pet foods, pet treats, fish, toothpaste, children’s toys, baby formula, medicines, to name just a few.
A Letter to the Editor -- Obsession with China?

Recently, after a resident asked about it during citizen’s input at a council meeting, the Mayor said a recent invite to another Chinese group has been put on hold.

What does that mean? Will business be done behind the curtain? This invitation should be rescinded and canceled! We don’t need Chinese Government-owned investments in Cape Coral.

Try inviting Canada, South America, or Germany, anywhere that’s not a communist country.

This email address will send your thoughts to all elected city officials. Please, let them hear from you. Council Members can count votes! CityCouncil@capecoral.net

Sincerely, Cape Coral resident John Karcher

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