A Letter to the Editor -- Appointment or payback?

Appointing the District 5 Council Seat, Is it an appointment or payback?

The District 5 Council applicants now stand with 11 residents stepping up with hopes of filling the seat. The time to apply has now passed. Council Members are interviewing each applicant one on one. A special thanks to each applicant for putting yourselves out there.

During the upcoming Council meeting on Oct.21st, each applicant will speak, followed by Council voting to appoint one of these applicants to the District 5 seat. This appointment runs until the 2020 election.

We need: Diversity and a fresh view from the resident’s perspective.

We need: A person that will speak up and take a stand for the residents when needed.

We need: A clear-minded leader, not another “yes” person.

Will this City Council allow that type of person to be appointed? Some of the council’s recent antics leave room for real concern. Examples:

  • Sneaking voting items on the agenda.
  • Filling the chambers with supporters to gain favor on the vote, while the general the public had no notification it would even be discussed.
  • Avoiding facts in public records requests.
  • Voting on new business items when they first appear.
  • Shutting down speakers at citizen’s input.
  • Using the dais as a bully pulpit.
  • One Council Member said we need “a person that fits in.”

That is the last thing that we need.

We can only hope that no favors are being paid back by City Council in this appointment process.

Sincerely, Cape Coral resident John Karcher

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