Cape Coral Police Participating in “Operation Southern Shield”

The Cape Coral Police Department will be out in force for “Operation Southern Shield”, a speed awareness initiative aimed at reducing serious injuries and fatalities on the roadways.

From now until July 21st, state and local law enforcement agencies in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee will join forces for a week-long high visibility enforcement and awareness campaign to reduce fatalities and serious injuries by getting motorists to obey speed limits on roadways from local to interstate highways. This initiative is called “Operation Southern Shield” and runs from July 15th through July 21st, 2019.

“Speeding is a dangerous choice that can have dire consequences. The Cape Coral Police Department, while enforcing traffic laws ALWAYS, is proud to participate in an initiative like Operation Southern Shield to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding, in the hope that drivers make safe and sound decisions on the roads. Speed limits and traffic enforcement exist to save lives, and officers will have that at the forefront of their minds when taking action during Operation Southern Shield.” ~ Master Corporal Phil Mullen, Public Affairs Office

Operation Southern Shield, July 15-21, 2019.
Cape Coral Police Participating in "Operation Southern Shield"