Quick Reads

Ticker – Mimi Swartz.The attempts by heart doctors & engineers to create a permanent artificial heart. O.H. Frazier, Michael DeBakey, Denton Cooley, Christiaan Barnard, Robert Jarvik, Daniel Timms, & others, mostly at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston. Lot’s of medical jargon. ***

Chasing New Horizons – Alan Stern/David Grinspoon. Inside story of the mission to explore Pluto. Many details of the process taking 26 years, from the start to the ‘fly by’ of Pluto. **

The Perfect Weapon – David E. Sanger. A scary look at cyberwar & sabotage. Everyone is subject to cyber attacks from individuals to governments, military, companies, basic services. ***

Zig – Zig Zigler. His autobiography. Lots of interesting stories about his life in the first half. The last half is about his success, family and religious beliefs. ***

Janesville – Amy Goldstein. A pretty dry read about the personal stories of people in this Wisconsin town after the GM plant shut down in 2008. *

The Russia Hoax – Gregg Jarret. Former trial attorney & pro Trump guy gives a lawyer’s view of the corruption in the Justice department’s handling of the Russia probe. **

Liars, Leakers, and Liberals – Judge Jeanine Pirro. Another book about the anti-Trump people. **

Selling the Dream – David E. Dodrill. Story of the Rosen brothers, Jack & Leonard, their selling of land & developing Cape Coral & other Florida properties. **

The Allure of Immortality – Lyn Millner. The story of the Koreshans, a religious movement started in rural New York, moved to Chicago & then Estero for many years. Interesting history of their cult beliefs. **

Under Contract – Cherokee Paul McDonald & Allen Smith. Smith was an undercover cop with Fort Lauderdale Police Department. He posed as a contract killer & would bust people who contracted & paid him to kill someone. ***

Bad Blood – John Carryrou. NY Times reporter writes the story of Thernos & founder/CEO, Elizabeth Holmes. A Silicon Valley startup, they used lies & secrecy to raise billions of dollars from people like George Schultz, Henry Kissinger, General James Mattis & others. She had Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama as friends. *****

Unnecessary Roughness – Jose Baez with George Willis. Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer got an acquittal for him on a double murder & reviews his defense in the trial. This lawyer also got an acquittal for Casey Anthony, charged with killing her daughter. Aaron committed suicide after his acquittal. He was in prison on a previous murder conviction. ****

Quick Reads