Did you receive an official-looking letter in the mail from County Records, LLC? They are offering to get you a copy of your property deed for $89.


Well…..this is a not the cheapest way to get a copy of your deed and the company makes it look like it is coming from an official county entity, so don’t fall for it.

We have been made aware of this scam that is circulating to residents of Cape Coral. These scammers target homeowners, but you may ask how they were able to get your name and address so easily. This information is public record and very easily obtained.

The letter itself looks professional and as if it came from the Lee County ‘records’ which is not the case. The real, Lee County records division is not an LLC, NOT located in Tampa, and the large print even explains that this is a solicitation which helps cover them against some legal liability.

The letter states that there is a service fee of $89 charged by the company to have them send you a copy of your recorded deed.

To receive a copy of your deed, please visit the Lee County Clerk website here. It will be cheaper and easier to obtain your copy in the appropriate way.

We received the letter shown below with permission to share. The recipient knew this was a scam and didn’t fall for the company’s attempt.


So, what do you do if you have received a copy of this letter? You can do one of the following:

  • Rip it up
  • Shred it
  • Frame it to show you didn’t fall for the scam
  • Laugh at their attempt to scam you and then destroy it
  • Post it on Social Media to alert more people; then one of the above.

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