UPDATE on Porch Pirate

The great community of Cape Coral helps identify the Porch Pirate within an hour of our News Release. GREAT WORK!

The original release can be found here.

The subject in the video was identified as Adam Jay Willaford (W/M, DOB: 10/16/1995, 426 SE 18th Ter).

Detective Niland of the Property Crimes Unit was able to make contact with Willaford to continue with the investigation. The investigation revealed that Willaford had ordered an item from a business and used the victims address for it to be shipped due to not wanting the item delivered to his own residence. Willaford did take the item he ordered but also took the victim’s package. Willaford claimed that his friend had lived at the victims residence 2 1/2 years ago, which is how he knew the address.

Willaford brought the victim’s package to Detective Niland which was turned over to the victim. The victim has decided not to press charges because he was able to get his property back and this case is now closed.

The Cape Coral Police Department believes it takes an entire community working together to address crime.

UPDATE on Porch Pirate

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