Fake Threat Results In Arrest For Disrupting School

On February 12, 2019, around 6:00 PM, Cape Coral Police responded to a call for service in reference to a threat against Oasis Middle and Oasis High School. 

Fake Threat Results In Arrest For Disrupting School

A parent reported that her child heard a student say he was going to shoot up Oasis Middle School. School Resource Officer Colby Palmer was working a basketball detail at Oasis High School when he was informed of the incident and immediately began investigating after notifying the school administration. 

The Cape Coral Charter School system subsequently sent out an automated message to the parents of the students that attend Oasis High School, Oasis Middle School and Oasis Elementary school about the threat; nearly 2,500 families.

The next morning SRO Palmer arrived early to continue with the investigation and found that the student had made up the entire incident, there was no actual threat.

Fake Threat Results In Arrest For Disrupting School

Nearly 400 students from Oasis Middle School did not come to school today because of the threat and there were numerous calls received with concerns about the threat. Numerous students and staff were asking the SRO about the threats as they arrived to school. Questions to both the SRO and staff caused a general disruption of the school functioning of its normal activities. 

Oasis High School experienced numerous phone calls from families excusing their children from school; approximately 300 students were absent.  This served as a major disruption to their daily educational process.  Administrative staff spent the majority of the morning away from their other duties causing another disruption. 

Also due to the threat the Oasis Elementary School had 194 students absent from school today.  Additionally, they had a high volume of parent phone calls and emails regarding the incident.  Oasis Elementary school also had to adjust outside activities.

Based on the investigation, SRO Palmer charged the student with Disrupting a School Function.

The juvenile was transferred to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Because the charge is a misdemeanor, the juvenile’s name and picture are NOT being released.