Americans consume over 4500 calories just on Thanksgiving Day! Then, all the holiday parties start andrun right into Christmas and New Year’s festivities. Why waituntil January 1st to set your New Year’s fitnessresolutions like most of us do?

Try these little tips to get you through the holidays:

  • Try to avoid too many appetizers before your meal. Cheese/Crackers and other snacks have a high amount of calories. Plus, they leave you feeling full and not hungry for the good stuff!
  • Dish up smaller portions – use smaller plates to control your portions. Avoid paper plates. Research has shown if you use a heavy plate you trick yourself into thinking you have a lot more food on your plate.
  • Drink a lot of water before and after your meal. This will help you feel full.
  • Take a quick walk after your meal and avoid sitting down.
  • Keep up with your fitness routine. During the holidays, everyone seems to find excuses to skip the gym or fitness class! Keep your same routine. You need to be consistent to burn off all the extra calories you will be consuming.

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