A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin’ Dog

Submitted by Darryl & Pamela Aubuchon

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”– Anatole France

On November 1st, 2001, a horrible storm blew through Cape Coral. Thunder boomed, and lightning lit up the night sky. Our friend, Laniey, was traveling home from work when she came upon a scared and soaking wet mound of yellow fur. An abandoned and very terrified dog, Laniey stopped her vehicle to help. It took her over an hour in the storm to finally coax the stray dog into her SUV andtake her home to safety.

A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin' Dog

Laniey could tell this girl was neglected and abused. She cleaned up this furry one and took her to the Vet for medical attention. In remembrance of the date of her rescue, this furry baby girl was named November. From then on, her birthday was celebrated on November 1stto mark the day of her new life.

Laniey tried to take care of November, but over time, it became apparent things were not working out with Laniey’s other dog, who had been first in the home. It was then Darryl and I met and adopted our precious November. A gorgeous, amber colored coat and big beautifulbrown eyes with blonde and black eyelashes earned her a new name,AMBER.

A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin' Dog

Amber was an absolute treasure. We loved her so very much, every day. We took Amber everywhere. Long walks, rides in the truck – she would sit in the seat just like a little person! Amber loved going for rides on our boat. She had her own very special spot!

Amber had been afraid of the water, but one day while out boating,
Darryl anchored and I got off the boat to wade in the water. Amber thought I was in danger and jumped in to save me! When she realized we were both okay, she had this look about her. She looked like she was thinking, “My Mommy is safe, and I love being in the cool water! I did it!” From then on, Amber loved the water and the beach.

For the first few years, Amber never barked. She never made a sound. Then, one day she decided to just start talking to us. We would call her, Ammberr,,,, , and she would raise her head, make all sorts of talking sounds and thump her tail three times!

A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin' Dog

Every year on November 1st, we would celebrate her birthday with a Puppy Cup and Bone Cookie, complete with a candle and Happy Birthday song! Amber loved all of it!

Amber would surprise us daily with the things she figured out how to do when Mom and Dad were at work. She would use her long nose to pull down on the lever handles of the doors and open up the pantry and other rooms. There she would select a “people treat” from the pantry and place something on everyone’s pillow. She would select things like chips for Dad, English Muffins for Mom, whatever else she could reach. Amber never opened or ate any of the “treats”. She was just taking care of us.

A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin' Dog

In 2005, we adopted two little boy kittens, Cody & Bailey, who took to Amber right away. Amber was now the Momma Dog. Everywhere that Amber went, Cody & Bailey followed in tow!

They were relentless in their wanting to be with their “Momma.” These kittens even tried to nurse on her daily. Amber was fine with it. She would just lay on her side and let them suckle and knead her belly.

A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin' Dog

In 2006, we adopted a Boston Terrier puppy, Pepper Jack. We gave Pepper to Amber as her very own baby! Now our little pack of four legs and tails were all happy together.

Then one day in 2010, we discovered Amber had cancer. We did everything possible to save Amber’s life and we enjoyed her for a year longer.

The time came for the hard decision of giving Amber back to heaven. That day was November 25th, 2011, the day after Thanksgiving. This was a special Remembrance Day for Amber to celebrate the unconditional love and gratitude shared between all of us. Amber was blessed by Father John Deary at our church, a true dog lover himself and then we gave her back to heaven.

A Tribute to Amber, Our Doin' Dog

We all loved Amber so very much and she knew that love. We continue to carry her spirit in our hearts, along with the other precious pets who we hope to see again in heaven one day.

Of course, you know all dogs come from heaven, and then they all go back. They are only meant to be with us to enrich our lives for a short while. Their spirits are filled with love so great that we are blessed to have them as Man’s best friend, as they truly are.

Love your special pet every day. Cherish the short time you have with them and make the most of every moment, so you can keep your memories in your heart.

The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest.” – Martin Luther

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